Almost there! Bringing Robot Assisted Surgery to NHS patients for kidney cancer

Whilst the current recommendation from NHS England is only provisional, it’s a step in the right direction for patients as Robotic Assisted partial nephrectomy gets the initial seal of approval for NHS treatment.

Neil Barber has now performed over 450 robotic kidney procedures and feels this is a long awaited step forward from the NHS:

“It was with a great satisfaction that I learnt via BAUS of the preliminary statement from NHS England backing the commissioning of robotic assisted surgery for kidney cancer. This statement followed an exhaustive process of assessment in which I was involved, and clearly underlines the evidence that robotic assisted surgery has a major role to play in the treatment of kidney cancer in the UK. I hope this will mean that more patients in England and Wales will have a greater opportunity to receive this very specialist surgery in the future”.

Neil currently performs robotic kidney surgery both privately and on the NHS at Frimley Park Hospital. The testimonials from our patients indicate how beneficial this method of surgery is and we hope the new animations we have developed will provide patients with an insight into the added precision and dexterity that the robotic assisted surgery can provide.

The full details of the NHS announcement can be found here: