Life is a Roller Coaster

We have seen the disturbing news on how the safety of roller coasters is paramount and the final court ruling for Merlin and the Alton Towers tragic accident brings a degree of closure to a horrific day for those involved.

However at the same time, Michigan State University have revealed the results of their research studying the impact of riding a roller coaster on kidney stones.
A trip to Disneyland Florida brought great results for one patient as their kidney stones were moved on thanks to riding the Big Thunder roller coaster. Scientists from the University then trialled the idea using a dummy with real kidney stones inside. However it's sitting at the back of the ride that gave greatest results with figures for stone passage rate climbing from 16% to 63%

So it's not all bad having kidney stones if riding a roller coaster is your thing - brings new meaning to "Life is a roller coaster". And for those kidney stone patients with children, they'll be delighted at the enthusiasm you bring to the next theme park visit!