Neil J Barber

Neil J Barber, Robotic Kidney Surgeon

Neil J Barber is a leading consultant surgeon who performs robotic assisted kidney surgery procedures at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey and in London through Nuada Urology at 19 Harley Street.

Neil Barber has almost uniquely specialised exclusively in robotic assisted kidney and adrenal surgery, be it for the management of cancer or otherwise, performing more than 150 procedures per year. In total he has performed over 450 robotic assisted and over 1000 laparoscopic procedures. His aim is to provide the highest quality surgical treatment for kidney cancer with an emphasis on the use of modern technology to achieve this with minimum risk, short in-hospital stay and rapid return to normal activity.

Neil is the lead for renal cancer within the St Luke’s Cancer Alliance. The Alliance covers a population of 2.5 million to the west and south west of London.

Neil has developed a particular interest in the management of small kidney tumours. He was an integral member of the team that successfully introduced the first Da Vinci Robotic System to the region and provides a unique service in performing robotic assisted partial nephrectomy, nephro-ureterectomy, adrenalectomy and pyeloplasty.

Furthermore, Neil also introduced the option of freezing of small renal tumours, known as cryoablation, employing laparoscopy/ key hole surgery and percutaneous CT guided approaches to perform this.

Contact The Robotic Kidney Surgery Team

To make an appointment with Neil, or if you have any questions please contact as follows:

Jeanette Sindle
at Clare Park Hospital, Farnham

01252 623543

Procedure Pricelist

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  • Robotic Assisted Partial Nephrectomy


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  • Robotic Assisted Radical Nephrectomy


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  • Robotic Assisted Pyeloplasty


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  • Robotic Assisted Nephro-Ureterectomy


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  • Laparoscopic Cryoablation


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