Robotic Assisted

What is a nephro-ureterectomy?

A nephro-ureterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the kidney and entire ureter to provide the greatest likelihood of survival for patients with transitional cell cancer. This procedure can be now performed using key-hole laparoscopic techniques and robotic assisted technology.

A nephro-ureterectomy inevitably involves removing a cuff of normal bladder around where the ureter (the tube which drains the kidney) enters the bladder and therefore raised the possibility of a prolonged period of needing a urinary catheter to drain urine after the procedure

Prior to catheter removal, a single treatment of chemotherapy in the form of Mitomycin – C is often given as it has been shown to reduce the risk of tumour recurrence in the urinary bladder.

Robotic kidney surgery shortens recovery time

The advent of the Da Vinci Robotic System has meant a remarkable improvement in the quality of surgical resection coupled with not only a rapid discharge from hospital, on the whole a 1 or 2 night stay in hospital is required, but as the improved vision and dexterity of the robotic platform more greatly ensures a water tight closure of the bladder, thus far 95% of patients are discharged without a catheter, further encouraging a very rapid return to normal activity.