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Our blog articles are here to provide "food for thought" and comment on the latest news and research related to Kidney Cancer and robotic surgery. In addition we also have articles here which have been in the media to help provide as much information to you as possible.

Kidney Cancer drug approved for use in NHS England

  • BBC
  • 13 July 2017

Treating Kidney Cancer doesn't always come with an easy answer and the latest news from NHS England to approve this drug offers patients greater choice in their treatment.

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ITV news coverage on Kidney Cancer

  • ITV News
  • 07 February 2017

As part of Kidney Cancer Awareness Week #KCAD2017, ITV News reported on how this cancer can so often go undetected.
70% of patients didn't feel unwell before their diagnosis. So how do we raise awareness of kidney cancer?

KCUK are leading a project to aim for a national screening programme using CT scans.

Neil Barber has been working with KCUK and says

"‘Statistics suggest that the incidence is projected to rise by 26% in the UK between 2014 and 2035.
Although there has been a more than 70% increase in mortality from kidney cancer in the UK since the 1970s, earlier diagnosis and better treatments for advanced disease has seen a rise in mortality of only 6% over the last decade, with a projection that the next ten years will start to see a slight fall.”

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Supporting Kidney Cancer Awareness Week

  • Kidney Cancer UK
  • 07 February 2017

This week (6-12 February) is Kidney Cancer Awareness Week. Led by Kidney Cancer UK, we are supporting them to raise awareness of this "silent" cancer. So many patients are diagnosed when being scanned for something totally unrelated. That's why KCUK is driving a project to have a national screening programme.

So wear your green ribbon with pride on Social media and help us to raise awareness for Kidney Cancer.

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Straight from the horses mouth - robotic assisted surgery benefits for the patient from the surgeon's perspective

  • Kidney Cancer UK
  • 23 September 2016

Neil Barber has been working with Kidney Cancer UK (leading UK charity for kidney cancer) to provide patient information on robotic assisted procedures for kidney cancer.
This video from their website provides lots of great information straight from the experts on why robotic assisted surgery is beneficial to the patients and indeed the NHS as well.

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Robotic Assisted surgery from the patient view

  • Daily Mail
  • 08 September 2016

In July NHS England announced that they were provisionally recommending robotic assisted procedures to be used for treating kidney cancer. Evidence has shown that the clinical benefit for patients and recovery time outweighs the costs of the equipment. Read more from the Daily Mail including one patients story experiencing both a standard and robotic operation on his kidney. Great news for patients and for our surgeons trying to do their very best to treat patients with skill, expertise and enabling a quick recovery.

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