Da Vinci Robot

Revolutionising the treatment of kidney cancer

Robotic assisted surgery is the most advanced form of minimally invasive kidney surgery available.

Across the world, the Da Vinci Robotic System has led to huge changes in the patterns of provision of minimally invasive surgery which has led to an increase in the number of types and complexity of procedures for which minimally invasive surgery is possible.

Thanks to the improved vision and precision of the Da Vinci Surgical System over standard laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery equipment, robotic assisted surgery improves and widens the scope and quality of what can be achieved. This holds true as much for kidney and adrenal surgery as for any other organ in the body. To see just how precise the Da Vinci robot can be, take a look at this video above.

The benefits of robotic kidney surgery:

Minimally invasive surgery - just a few small incisions, reducing pain and scarring.Robotic technology delivers enhanced vision, precision and control, enabling surgeons to perform more complex procedures through small incisions which also reduces the risk of infection.Shorter hospitalisation and faster recovery time and return to normal activities

How is the Da Vinci Robot controlled?

The surgeon sits at a console remote to the patient, in a position that ensures comfort however long a complex procedure maybe. The surgeon operates the robotic slave, hand movements being mirrored by the robot, gearing meaning that large movements become small movements, improving precision and of course removing tremor! The surgeon has a ‘bed side’ surgical assistant who acts as the human connection between the robotic instruments and the surgeon – changing instruments, applying clips etc as required