Neil Barber performs more than 150 procedures each year using robotic assisted technology. Please see below some testimonials from patients who have received robotic kidney surgery.

"I can't recommend Mr Barber enough for his knowledge and professionalism"

Mrs R, Surrey

This week I've had my 1 year follow on check up with Mr Barber at the Nuffield Hospital Woking, after 14 months ago being diagnosed with a pyeloplasty. After suffering with on off niggling back pain for months it became acute and after multiple trips to the doctor I was given a ct. scan and diagnosed with a pyeloplasty . Mr Barber was highly recommended to me by all the doctors I spoke to at Frimley Park Hospital and was told he specialised in this procedure that I needed.

After meeting and speaking with Mr Barber, he talked me through the procedure and showed me a digital representation of the operation which he had just had produced for this purpose, which gave me a great understanding of what was involved.

After the operation I stayed in for two days and went home to recuperate with a stent in place. This was then removed with sedation after four weeks. My recovery was longer than I had expected but I have a very busy active job so was probably naive in my expectations.

I can't recommend Mr Barber enough for his knowledge and professionalism and care that I received. My left kidney is now fully functional and I know that if I have any further problems I have no hesitation in contacting his secretary.
Thank you

"Suffered very little discomfort - testament to your expertise"

Mr B, Surrey

You recently carried out a partial nephrectomy on me and I felt compelled to write and thank you.

From our first meeting you have been totally open and honest with me. You explained what is happening and what is likely to happen, putting my mind at ease.

The operation itself went really well and I am healing at a good rate, having suffered very little discomfort, considering the procedure - which is a testament to your expertise.

This has been a nasty time in my life but you have made it as comfortable and stress free as humanly possible.

In reality I hope I never have to see you again, (as I hope that is the end of it) but it was a real pleasure to meet you and I cannot thank you enough for your excellent care and that of your team

"Amazing treatment from an excellent surgeon and his team"

Mr G, Surrey

I am a 64-year-old man with grown up family. Following a CT scan for another health condition, it was identified that I had a 3cm lesion on my right kidney. I was referred to Mr Neil Barber at Frimley Park and saw him in June. Although I was reassured by my local hospital that it was treatable, the probability that I had cancer (on top of a separate recently diagnosed condition) made for a very difficult time for me and my family.

When we (myself, my wife and two daughters) met with Mr Barber, we were very quickly given as much re-assurance as possible - that the lesion, although probably cancerous, was operable and that the kidney could be saved with long-term good health, a realistic prospect. The procedure (partial nephrectomy), risks, and prospects were all well explained. The surgery itself was likely to be made more complex due to a fairly recent appendectomy and the procedure would have to be deferred as I was, at that point, taking immune suppressant steroids. Mr Barber also was thoughtful to ask about my plans for the summer which included my daughter's marriage. Taking all of this into account it was suggested that I have robotic assisted key-hole surgery in early September - again Mr Barber was very re-assuring that this delay would not impact the treatment or increase the risk. The decision to proceed was an absolute no-brainer and I left, still a little nervous, but feeling positive.

On the day of the surgery I was a little anxious but again Mr Barber was very comforting. Following surgery in the morning, I was walking with assistance by late afternoon, I was 'uncomfortable' but certainly not in pain. The following day I was walking better and following a review, Mr Barber gave me the ok to go home. Within 6 days I was off all pain-killers and overall It took me 3-4 weeks to fully recover (but only in the sense that I was tired), but this was complicated by my other health condition. I was walking regularly and able to do most things when not tired. Scarring was minimal and healed really quickly.

At the post-operative consultation Mr Barber confirmed that the biopsy showed that the lesion had been cancerous, but that tissue sample showed that it had all been removed. I was discharged as 'low risk' with annual CT scans to monitor.

Two months on, I am back to full health and normality. I am truly astonished by way that this major surgery was undertaken. 5 years ago I would have had to have my whole kidney removed.

I have nothing but thanks and praise for Mr Barber, his skill, his approach and also the attention and care of the support team of nursing staff. Anyone facing this situation can rest-assured that this is amazing treatment by an excellent surgeon and team.

"A great rapport and a good sense of humour!"

Mr G, Surrey

I am a fit 68 year old male with an active life-style and no previous medical conditions. In June 2016 whilst having an examination for a minor ailment, a 2cm tumour was discovered on my left kidney. The news came as a shock and the options outlined were;
Option 1: Active Surveillance, on the basis that the tumour's growth rate may be small enough for me to die of something else in the coming years.
Option 2: Surgery to have the tumour removed.

Psychologically, Option 1 did not suit my mental state, or active life-style. The thought caused me, and my wife, countless sleepless nights.

My wife, who had been researching the subject, mentioned the surgery route to the Consultant who was advocating active surveillance then he recommended a surgeon who could supply a second opinion.

We had a consultation with Mr Neil Barber and discussed both Options, opting for Option 2 (surgical removal of the tumour, leaving much of the kidney intact). Mr Barber has great rapport, a sense of humour and the ability (and website) to explain his proposed procedure in a calm, clear, friendly and informative way. The surgical technique involves Robotic Assisted Surgery using a Da Vinci Robot. The robot is actually a tool entirely controlled by Mr Barber. This is best described on Mr Barber's website. There is also much YouTube footage available.

With all the information and risk statistics made known to us, an appointment was made for surgery in September 2016. The surgery was carried out under a general anaesthetic and took under 2 hours. 24 hours later, I walked out of the hospital and was home. Pain relieving drugs were required for 2 or 3 days. After one week I was able to go on short walks. After two weeks, I could walk quickly for 4 miles. Full pre-op energy levels and muscular strength take longer to return to normal.

Emotionally, my wife and I are in a much happier place than if we had gone for Option 1.

I thank Mr Barber and his amazing team for the incredible life-changing work they carry out. I cannot recommend him enough.

"Very swift recovery"

Mr B, Surrey

I just wanted to send a few words in praise of Neil Barber and his team for doing a fantastic job on my kidney.
I only went for an MRI scan to investigate a slipped disc so to find a 4cm tumour on one of my kidneys was quite a surprise and a shock. After seeing a Urology consultant, he suggested that the best man for the job was Neil Barber, the leading surgeon in this field.

Neil was charming and very personable, during a couple of consultations he clearly explained the procedure for a partial nephrectomy, he also had a new animation of the procedure which was much more helpful than the many gory you tube videos from the USA!

Following the second consultation surgery was booked a couple of weeks hence. The team looked after me very well during the couple of hours run up to the op and the next thing I knew I was back in recovery and up to my room.

For such a major operation I was amazed to feel so well the next morning and was able to leave hospital in just under 24 hours and had a very swift recovery. I must say that feeling so well does tend to make one do too much but I soon learnt to settle back and take it easy.
Within a week I was taking the dog on a short walk and at 2 weeks a normal length walk and some part time work. I am now in week 4 and building up to full time work though I wouldn't be lifting any heavy weights around!.

My last consultation with Neil was 10 days post op at which he confirmed it was a grade 2 cancer, all of which was successfully removed so a great relief.
The whole experience has been as smooth as I could have hoped in the circumstances and I look forward to my six month check up.

Thank you once again to Neil Barber and his team.

"Entrust your health and well being to the Urology Partners Team"

Mr W, Hampshire

I was originally diagnosed with renal disease as a result of a chance finding on an unrelated CT scan. The growth shown on the original scan turned out to be a small tumour and having caught it at an early stage, there was a good chance of saving the kidney. Following initial care under Richard Hindley he referred me to Neil Barber, one of his fellow consultants in the Urology Partners team, for a partial nephrectomy using robotic surgery.

The term 'robotic' conjures up images of artificial intelligence and maybe something out of Google labs or invented by Elon Musk, but is nothing of the sort. The Da Vinci robot allows a surgeon to operate by remote control, with both greater dexterity and enhanced vision, giving a more accurate and high-precision result thereby augmenting human skill not replacing it. Neil, I understand, is one of the leading robotic surgeons in the country and has performed around two hundred of these procedures The result of the complex three-hour operation one Sunday morning was excellent. I awoke pain-free by early afternoon and was discharged the next morning. I was told to take it easy for the first week and thereafter built up activity as I regained stamina. Full recovery was achieved and I remain disease free a year later, with two fully-functioning kidneys.

Neil Barber, as well as being held in high -regard for his technical skills, was also extremely supportive and reassuring throughout, which was much appreciated having not had even so much as a general anaesthetic prior to my robotic surgery. If you are unfortunate in finding yourself suffering from kidney disease then entrusting your health and well-being to the Urology Partners team would unquestionably be a wise decision.

"Delighted and amazed at ease and speed of recovery"

Mrs R, West Sussex

Following my initial shock at the discovery of a kidney tumour, and the worries surrounding having to have it surgically removed, I was referred to Mr Neil Barber at Frimley Park Hospital.

He explained about the procedure and his success with using the Da Vinci robot. It is much less invasive and a much more precise procedure even than conventional keyhole surgery.

Although the prospect of robotic surgery was still a little scary, his confidence and obvious skill in using the robot were very reassuring and put my mind at ease.

A robotic partial nephrectomy was performed in July and I was delighted and amazed at the ease and speed of my recovery.
With very minimal pain, I was discharged from hospital the next day, and within a week I was able to stroll along the beach near where I live.

Now, four months on from the operation, it has been a complete success, and everybody I speak to about the procedure are amazed and intrigued by my story. I am still amazed at the speed and success of the operation, and remain fascinated by the robotic surgery itself.

Thanks to Neil and his team I'm back to full health and enjoying life again.

"Best hands possible"

Mr B,

Following the diagnosis of a kidney tumour, I had a number of decisions to consider.

The procedure and the introduction of robotic equipment, using the Da Vinci minimally invasive surgical system, made a huge step change in my treatment options. Previously, I would have been cut open from centre to side, ribs broken and my whole kidney removed. The recovery period would have been 2-3 months. By choosing a partial nephrectomy and robotic assisted key-hole surgery, I was left with 2/3 of my kidney intact. Retention of most of my kidney also bodes well for my future health as organs deteriorate with age. Recovery period was a mere 3 weeks and I was back at work a week later.

With Neil Barber's specialisation in this procedure, I was in the best hands possible and he operated as soon as his packed schedule and long hours would allow. His straight talking and follow ups are second to none.

After reading up extensively on the subject, it is clear that I got the best treatment and the fastest turnaround available in the world today.

"The treatment I received from the team at Urology Partners was excellent."

Mr B, Buckinghamshire

I recently underwent a robot assisted partial nephrectomy. When I learned that my procedure would be conducted with the help of a robot, I was amazed at how far medical technology has come, and intrigued about how it would work.

Only a few years ago, I would have faced a much more invasive operation, with a longer stay in hospital, longer recovery and it has to be said, more reliance on the skill of the surgeon. Although it was strange to think that I would be physically distant from the surgeon during the operation, the Da Vinci system allows much finer control movements and a far better view of what is happening.

I think the term robot is a little misleading - it is more like a tool to assist the surgeon who is of course fully in control throughout. On balance, I feel very fortunate that the system was available for me, and grateful to all involved, particularly Mr Barber and the team at Frimley Park hospital.

The treatment I received from the team at Urology Partners was excellent. During a stressful time, everything was explained clearly and I was greatly reassured by Mr Barber during the pre and post operation consultations.

"Neil Barber is regarded as the best in this field of surgery"

Mr B, Surrey

I recently underwent a robot-assisted partial nephrectomy which was performed by Neil Barber. Naturally, I was very apprehensive at the prospect of what seemed to me to be an experimental exercise that would possibly put me at risk.

However, I was persuaded by Mr Barber that he had undertaken many such procedures and that all would be well. In the event the surgery proved very successful and six months later I am fit and well with no signs of a recurrence of the cancer.

I am not surprised that Neil Barber is regarded as the best in this field of surgery: not only for his technical expertise, but for his pleasant, reassuring and invitational manner, both before and after my operation. It was almost - but not quite - a pleasurable experience!

"Recovery was much better"

Mr N, Hampshire.

I was amazed when I was advised that my surgery for a nephro-ureterectomy (removal of kidney and ureter) would be carried out by robot surgery. The thought of it was very daunting, however, Mr Barber assured me this would be the best course of action for the removal of my kidney with quicker recovery time.

I was delighted not to be in much discomfort following the surgery. I was able to go home within a few days and my recovery was much better than I imagined. Most people couldn't believe I looked so well after major surgery.

Mr Barber and his team were excellent and I am pleased I had my kidney removed by robot surgery.

"Neil Barber gave me confidence in the benefits of robotic surgery"

Mr E, Surrey

To hear you have a tumour in the kidney and it will have to be surgically removed is a shock and a big worry. I met Neil Barber, he explained each stage of the procedure and gave me confidence.

He explained Robotic Surgery and the benefits over the traditional big cut surgery. I had the operation on a Sunday and went home on a Wednesday. The recovery time is quick and I was able to be back to work on light duties after 4 weeks.

Thank you to Neil Barber for his understanding, explanation and professional skills in Robotic Surgery.

"Very impressed with the care from Neil Barber"

Mrs B, Surrey

I underwent robotic assisted nephoureterectomy performed by Mr Neil Barber in July 2015. This was to remove a kidney, a superficial bladder tumour and a tumour in the urethea.

The main benefits of this procedure was a speedy recovery time after the operation and less evasive trauma to the body. I was very impressed with the explanation of the operation and the care Mr Neil Barber gave me prior and after the robotic surgery he performed at Frimley Parkside Hospital.