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Our blog articles are here to provide "food for thought" and comment on the latest news and research related to Kidney Cancer and robotic surgery. In addition we also have articles here which have been in the media to help provide as much information to you as possible.

BBC Hospital episode on kidney surgery

  • 4 March 17

For the past 6 weeks the BBC have showing their documentary called Hospital. Following Imperial College Hospitals in London, it shows us t...

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Life is a Roller Coaster

  • Lara Moran
  • 2 September 16

We have seen the disturbing news on how the safety of roller coasters is paramount and the final court ruling for Merlin and the Alton Towers tragic...

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Almost there! Bringing Robot Assisted Surgery to NHS patients for kidney cancer

  • 3 September 16

Whilst the current recommendation from NHS England is only provisional, it’s a step in the right direction for patients as Robotic Assiste...

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